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My apologies <3

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a long time and I appreciate those of you who haven’t unfollowed me even though I’ve been neglecting my blog! I’ve been on a road trip for several weeks but I’ll be home late tomorrow night and I’ll start posting again! Thank you so much for your patience! <3

"Oh my Gosh I love Bright Eyes and the fact that I stumbled upon your blog makes me so happy" - weshallplayuno

thank you so much! the fact that you enjoy my blog makes me so happy!!! <3

"i love you for making this blog. i am forever content with these posts<3" - snuff4luff4gus

i am so glad!!!!! <3 you’re wonderful.

"OHMYGOD bright eyes <3 im so glad i found your kick ass blog. omfg. its amazing." - maphex

thank you! you’re amazing! <3

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